Think you aren’t getting enough respect?


Your personal brand is speaking loudly. Often so loud that nothing else matters.

What is a personal brand?

Your personal brand is the image you present in any contact. In person, it is your appearance, mannerisms, and word choice.

Online, it is the sum of your personal and private profiles and posts.

We easily recognize how important brand management is for businesses, but we often overlook the importance for career advancement and client satisfaction.

In case you can’t read what is on the little black pickup, it says “Appearance Tech”. How much confidence is it inspiring in you?

The Missing Ingredient of Dysfunctional Teams

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Think you need to take your management team out to do some team building activities to get them working together? More than likely the problem goes much deeper than that. While it is good for teams to spend time doing non-work related activities together, it all comes back to this one thing. If your team has it, then maybe they are just out of sync and need some time together to recalibrate. If not, then you better start here.

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Leaders: How to Fight for Clarity

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Much of success in life is about getting everyone on the same page—whether it’s personal or professional relationships.

And inevitably someone has to choose to lead the charge in getting clarity. 

Getting On the Same Page

As fighter pilots, we reviewed comm procedures during pre-flight briefing to ensure that everyone would be on the “same frequency”. In this case gaining clarity could mean the difference between life and death.

In team sports like football and baseball we see players and coaches using all sorts of signals and methods to achieve communications clarity—waving a hand, brushing an arm, touching a nose.

In these games it’s immediately obvious that clarity is the starting point for precise execution.

Without clarity things fall apart right in front of our eyes as the play unfolds; the feedback loop is immediate and obvious—from both the players and the fans.

The Challenge

Unfortunately it’s usually not so…

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The most important component of merger success.

Accretive. Synergistic. These are both words that get bantied about board room presentations on the business case justifying a strategic or opportunistic acquisition or merger. Many smart people pour over financials. Extensive preliminary due diligence is done. Financial models are built. So then, why do the overwhelming majority of M&A activity fail to produce the projected value? Continue reading The most important component of merger success.