The Coaching Conversation

More and more people in leadership are looking at more effective ways to communicate with their employees.  Those making the investment in personality profiles, team building and even employee coaching are finding their investment paying off.

What if the leaders were taught a coaching conversation model that brought an entire new level to the conversation?

In such a model there is a great deal of listening intently and room for the employee to help discover their own solutions to any barriers they may feel are in front of them.  In such a two way conversation about the next steps in the department or business many new ideas may show up, some of which had not even been imagined before.  This model also enrolls the employee in the progress of the work and a new and higher level. Getting a clear grip on what is the current reality and progressing toward the agreed upon goal is vital to a healthy workplace, as is the follow-up and any adjustments that might be needed.  Using this model top down through all level of leadership would allow for a healthy and creative work environment that employees really feel a part of.  If you would like more information get with us at Cirrus Business Group for discoveries of the possibilities.

Author:  Coach Judi Harris, Licensed Facilitator of The Coaching Clinic  (Corporate Coach U)

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