The KTS Temperament Sorter

The KTS II Temperament Sorter

Have you ever wondered just why you do the things you do and how you do them?  Have you ever wondered why other people act like they do while shaking your head in disbelief?  I may have some answers for you.  Simply put, when you came into this world you came “hard wired” with certain temperamental traits that have you lean toward certain ways of being.  While you are adapting to life and its various influences which make you uniquely you certain preferences will always remain constant.  Here are a few questions you might answer:

Do you like things tied up and finished or can they be left open ended?

When you make a decision do you analyze the situation first or go with your gut feelings?

Do you prefer to be around a lot of people and their energy or go to a quiet place with just 1 or 2 friends?

Do you base your day in reality, both feet firmly on the ground or live in the future of what might be possible?

The KTS II Temperament Sorter will help you to discover the temperament you prefer over others, how you naturally look at and play in the world around you.  You will also discover the common traits of other temperaments that will help you to see others differently and to come to them with more understand of who they are.  As an individual you get an in depth report covering this information—it might change how you approach life forever.  Expand this to a family unit or work team.  Looking at the individuals and then seeing who is in the family or on the team can greatly impact the success of the group through the group report.  There is also a sorter for learning styles which can help understanding how a particular person learns. This can be beneficial for both the student and the teacher.  It is suitable for most students 16 and older, and for some even younger progressive students.

In the workplace this tool in invaluable to understanding your leaders and their staff helping to ensure there is a good match between the job requirements and the person’s natural temperamental leanings.  It can also help the leader understand the needs of the individuals and lead them appropriately.  You will see who needs structure and who need freedom, who likes details and who is a big thinker, and so forth.  Just imagine how this information could impact your workplace results!

Coach Judi, the Cirrus Business Group Executive Coach, is a Certified Administrator of the KTS II sorter and we are here to help you create a really healthy team!

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