Develop Managers to Build the Business

You have got to develop managers in order to build the business.

Many people know intellectually that they need to invest in their managers.  Few actually do it.

This is a critical step for organizational leaders to realize.  Management development goes beyond just learning the next level of processes and procedures on software, on the floor, or in the office.  It needs to include training around how to build people, reinforce the key behaviors within the organization, and leadership skills.

So often the longest tenured or most technically adept employee is elevated to manager.  Then everyone wonders what happened to what used to be an “A player”.  Their people are threatening to quit and everyone, including you, is frustrated.  Being able to do a task well does not mean you are able to lead and manage people well.  You have to develop managers.

Chris and Judi visit with Phillip Saxton of Small Business Samaritans Radio on what you can do to prevent this in your organization.

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