Troubles Happen In Businesses Every Day FailureIt makes headlines when there is a massive, public failure like CGI Federal’s ( handling of  Rightly so.  However, the bigger takeaway is that the root cause happens in organizations every day.

The metrics get set and the regular update meetings go as planned.  Everyone is celebrating as it is reported that everything is on track as scheduled.  Then at some point the cover-up is exposed.

That’s when the finger-pointing begins.

Manager’s talk about assumptions, being over-worked, not getting cooperation, everything except admitting that they failed.  Even when the failure is obvious to everyone, these managers still try to explain how they or their team succeeded.

I challenge you to suspend for a moment your personal opinion on the new healthcare law.  I encourage you to listen carefully to the hearings.  Do they sound anything like any conversations had in your organization?

If so, this is the time to fix it.  Those “glitches” are costing your organization dearly.

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