Where did the customer service go?

Where did the full service gas stations go?  It seems like eons ago that we got any service when filling up the tank.  We shop in stores with self-service checkouts or unsmiling check out clerks.

In your business is that what your customer service is like?

Lack of or poor service is tolerated because it has become what we expect.  Yet there a still some places where great customer service is expected.  Shopping for groceries at Walmart is a very different experience than shopping in the Northeast at a Wegmans store.  The look and feel of Wegmans is so inspiring that local people take there out of town guest to the store just for the experience!  Shopping for clothes at Target is a very different experience from shopping at Neiman Marcus.

How about your customer service?  Are you trying to create satisfied customers or give them an experience that creates Raving Fans? Satisfied customers come and go; Raving Fans do your advertising for you! This was the dilemma facing the World Famous Pike Place Fish Market a number of years ago.  Facing bankruptcy the owner finally realized total change needed to take place.  A vision of a new possibility was created and the employees were engaged in creating this new reality.  What came of it is what we see today:  a place where the employees love to work and the customers are fully engaged and entertained.

Do you need to create a new vision for what is possible in your business?  What does top notch customer service look like in your business?  Are you remembering that there are internal customers as well as the external ones?  Each department may be the customer of another department.  How are they being treated?  If you need help give us a call.  We have a program designed to create Raving Fans.

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