Intention Without Action is a Daydream

We often talk about being intentional about business change yet so many times we see businesses create plans with the best of intentions and see little or no implementation.  So what is it to be intentional?



an act or instance of determining mentally upon some action or result.

the end or object intended; purpose.


purpose or attitude toward the effect of one’s actions or conduct: a bungler with good intentions.

purpose or attitude with respect to marriage: Our friends are beginning to ask what our intentions are.


Intention is what we set out to do; it is not the completed goal.  The completion of the goal is in the intentional actions taken and the assessment of the results.


We have seen the leadership in several companies go on retreat, set the course for change and come back all charged up about the new direction of the company.  Somehow back at the office these intentions are not clearly communicated to the entire company and over time not fully carried out.  Then sets in the frustration of not achieving the desired goals and change.


Intentional leadership is hard work and it takes time.  It is setting the course and always having an eye on the water, intentionally watching for the need for course corrections.  Change is not easy to implement nor is it easy to maintain until the changes become the new habits. The intentional leader is watching for the bad habits to return and takes immediate action when that is observed.


Setting the new course and following it also needs to include celebration!  Find ways to celebrate the small successes along the way.  Celebration raises the positive vibrations in the company and lets the energy flow even better.


Be the change you seek—intentionally!


Coach Judi Harris, MBA  

Executive Coach, Cirrus Business Group

June, 2014

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