Personal Development and Business Development

As a consulting company focused on the development of businesses we have realized in no uncertain terms that a business that is focused solely on the business and not on the needs of the people is doomed to failure.  Along with the business development side of things, we at the Cirrus Business Group have a strong focus on human talent development, and this part of the business is growing rapidly with more offerings in this area.

It does not matter what the size of the business is; there is a need for personal development in every business. An entrepreneur with a strong technical skill must develop him/herself as a person and gain business skills to run the business side along with the technical side of the business.  This goes for small and micro businesses as well.  We have programs specifically designed to meet the need for this personal development.

A larger business may need team and management development along with the personal development. Learning leadership and management skills is a must, however, if the leader is struggling with the personal side of life a lot of the effectiveness can be lost.  Our coaches are trained to sort through the personal side with the coachee while also assisting the business to grow.

Most big businesses do not address this side of their business at all. Just looking at the turnover rate goes a long way to show what is missing, and exit interviews are a must.  The exit interview is where the understanding of why people leave comes from and it is often they are leaving their manager, not the company. Providing the employee at all levels with personal development opportunities can help to slow down the revolving door. When the person understands him/herself and others better, and has opportunities within the company to support their necessary life adjustments, they feel supported and will stay longer. Having a confidential personal coach for one-on-one work is a great investment.

When you look at the most successful large businesses you will find those companies are investing in their people. They see this need and fill it.  The investment in the people actually slows the turnover and saves money.  Turnover is very expensive.  When you look at the loss of experience, cost of recruitment and on-boarding, training and ramp-up time for every employee lost, especially at the senior levels, the cost of personal development and a coach seems to be a most effective way to go.  A third party coach that is not actually on company staff may be the most effective since he/she is looking from the outside in with no vested interest in the company.

We at the Cirrus Business Group have certified, trained coaches to develop the employees from the business side and the personal side. Many leaders believe the two must be kept separate.  It is not possible.  Employees are people first.

The Value of Personality Assessments

What if you knew the work style of every employee in your company? How do you think that might change the work environment and culture? If you are like most employers you have never even thought about it.

We find many times in the workplace there is conflict from clashing personalities. Sometimes people are put into positions for which they are not ideally suited.  We have all heard the stories of people being promoted beyond their capabilities.  Not every personality type is suited for leadership even if they are the best at what they have been doing. Do you thing knowing their types and inherent approach to the world would help to understand these situations? We do.  In fact we base our work on it.

There are several different assessments for learning the personality styles and temperaments. The work goes as far back as Hippocrates and is as modern as DiSC styles and the work of David Keirsey’s KTS II Temperament Sorter.  In most of them it comes down to 4 basic styles and all assessments come to the same basic characteristics for each style. There can be differences between the styles that are so strong that much conflict comes from this alone.  When one studies the personality styles of a whole company and see which DiSC style each uses one can see where the most likely clashes will happen and can see the make-up of each team and indeed the entire company.  When this information is charted and posted in a common area of the workplace all employees have the ability to see the styles of others and can understand them from a new point of view.

Does your company deserve to know this information? We think so.  Let the Cirrus Business Group come in and provide this information through the assessments and company-wide workshops.  You will see a rapid improvement of the interactions of the employees and the teams.