Built to Sell – Biz1190AM – Atlanta

Built to sell – why your business should always be ready.
You’ve probably read Built to Last, but is your business built to sell?

In this episode, Chris and Judi talk about why it’s important to be working to have your company is sale shape even if you never sell.

Original Air Date – November 23, 2013

The Power of Celebration

What is the right amount of celebration within an organization?  Does celebration really help get anything done?

I’m still getting caught up on getting these out.  These are just a few of the questions Chris and Judi answer in this segment from Small Business Samaritans Radio on BIZ1190AM in Atlanta, GA.

Original Air Date – November 16, 2013.

Defining Diversity in the Workplace – 11/09/2013 SBS Radio Show

How do business leaders define diversity in the organization?

With so much talk about diversity these days, it is important to know where you want it and where you cannot tolerate it.

In this episode, Judi and Chris provide a working definition for diversity.  They also explain where you want it and where you don’t.

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A client update that made my day!

I got this feedback from a client last week. For reasons of confidentiality, I cannot disclose the company. They are a multi-national firm and this came from the president of the US Division.

“Thank you for your feedback and for a really successful two days of coaching / conditioning. I feel that we have now passed a turning point with the team leaders and they do have a nice challenge with the deputy group. They also have a shifted perspective and sense of responsibility, which I had as a priority on my list of expectations for the outcome of this exercise. I will make sure that we utilize the momentum to sustain and increase itself while bringing the teams to the next level.
Thank you for your very dedicated and professional approach up to here, we look forward to the next follow up!”

These little notes charge me up!

Performance Reviews – Reinforcing Clarity

Most managers dread that time of year when they have to do performance reviews of their team.  In this podcast, Chris and Judi discuss how to use this valuable tool to reinforce clarity in the organization.

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Healthcare.gov Troubles Happen In Businesses Every Day

Healthcare.gov FailureIt makes headlines when there is a massive, public failure like CGI Federal’s (http://www.cgi.com/en/us-federal/services-solutions) handling of healthcare.gov.  Rightly so.  However, the bigger takeaway is that the root cause happens in organizations every day.

The metrics get set and the regular update meetings go as planned.  Everyone is celebrating as it is reported that everything is on track as scheduled.  Then at some point the cover-up is exposed.

That’s when the finger-pointing begins.

Manager’s talk about assumptions, being over-worked, not getting cooperation, everything except admitting that they failed.  Even when the failure is obvious to everyone, these managers still try to explain how they or their team succeeded.

I challenge you to suspend for a moment your personal opinion on the new healthcare law.  I encourage you to listen carefully to the hearings.  Do they sound anything like any conversations had in your organization?

If so, this is the time to fix it.  Those “glitches” are costing your organization dearly.

Succession Planning Is Planning for Success

Succession Planning Is Planning for Success

Who do you trust to run your business if you can’t?  If your answer is no one, then you are not doing anyone any favors.

Chris, Judi, and Phillip visit about why you need a plan now.


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