Are you asking the right questions?

The quality of the answers we receive usually depends heavily on the quality of the question we ask. That is never more true than when you are interviewing a potential employee.

If you find yourself having to let go people who interviewed well, you probably need to take a very careful look at your entire talent acquisition process.

Do you have a standard screening and interviewing process?

Who is involved in that interviewing process?

What questions are you asking during the interview process?

What are you looking for in potential candidates?

Is this all documented.

The talent acquisition process can be optimized just like any other process to give highly predictable results. If you aren’t sure where to begin, get some outside help.

The future of your business depends on it.

6 Steps to Attract and Keep High Performers

findleadersWe hear it all the time at HR functions and from executives.  The number one challenge facing business owners is finding and keeping top talent.

Business owners, often say that they want high performers, but are they ready for them? Continue reading 6 Steps to Attract and Keep High Performers